Death of the Newsletter in an ever increasingly hyper rich information environment? 13th Jul 2018

Death of the Newsletter in an ever increasingly hyper rich information environment?

There is absolutely no doubt that the creation and on-line circulation of customer facing newsletters has had until fairly recently a tremendous impact as an effective method of keeping customers up-to-date and informed about an organisation’s business activities.

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11th May 2018

REVO 'Purple Apple' Marketing Award – Clifton Down Shopping Centre

The Destination team are delighted that one of our most innovative and dynamic clients, Clifton Down Shopping Centre have scooped a coveted REVO 'Purple Apple' Marketing Award in this year’s 'Cause Related Marketing' category.

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28th Mar 2018

How I learned to stop worrying and love GDPR

Thinking about the looming GDPR compliance deadline brought to mind the phrase above, borrowed and adapted from Stanley Kubrick’s comically apocalyptic movie about nuclear war – 'Dr Strangelove'.

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22nd Mar 2018

How social media influences consumer-spending habits

It's difficult to remember a time when social media didn't play such a huge role in our daily lives, yet it's been less than fifteen years since social media really took off

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19th Mar 2018

Working with a Cornish retail centre

Destination CMS are delighted to confirm that they are now working in partnership with White River Place in St Austell, to help support and develop the centre’s marketing and promotional activities.

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12th Mar 2018

Shopping Centre Management Conference 2018

We will be at SCMC 2018, brought to you in partnership by Revo and Shopping Centre.

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19th Feb 2018

The place to go

If you're planning a holiday, restaurant meal, hotel stay or a great day out, the chances are that you will probably check out TripAdvisor first – increasingly the default information, planning and booking source.

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12th Feb 2018

Online ticketing with ice-cold efficiency

The summer of 2017 saw the opening of the world's first indoor ice cave at Perlan, one of Iceland's most iconic buildings, offering visitors the unique opportunity to experience walking through a real glacial ice cave.

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5th Feb 2018

Brand Strap-lines

First let me be perfectly honest - I confess to loving brand strap-lines. Over the years they have become an integral yet subtle backwash to my everyday life and I am not ashamed to admit it! However, I realise that they can, for some people, all too readily become an intrusion and a source of confusion?

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29th Jan 2018

Becoming more shopping centered

Well as the dust begins to settle over reduced sales figures, profit warnings, store closures, inevitable mergers etc, it certainly seems as though traditional retailing faces enormous challenges in the year ahead.

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