At Destination we want you to be remembered. Through boosting public awareness, your business can become a familiar presence that’s ingrained in the everyday. By offering the right media at the right time and detailed press guidance, Destination helps construct an image to be proud of.

Media Relations

Opportunity Development

To grow and access new customers, you need to draw attention to your brand. Here at Destination, we create opportunities to attract media coverage and help sculpt your brand’s voice to heighten journalistic appeal.

Crisis Management


When working in hectic environments, circumstances can sometimes run out of your control and go a bit pete tong! Destination provides timely and measured responses to emergencies, maintaining professionalism and composure in all situations.

After developing a brand, the power to build relationships and effectively engage with journalists over the long-term is integral. Destination is a beacon for business. We work across traditional and digital platforms to establish your brand not just with your customers, but your competitors and surrounding media too.

Media Relations

Media Relations

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