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Ticketing Integration


The Brief

Perlan Museum in Reykjavík, Iceland, sought to enhance its customer experience by integrating a seamless ticketing system for its new Ice Cave exhibit. The museum needed a user-friendly booking solution that would not only increase ticket sales but also provide a smooth and efficient customer journey from start to finish. The primary goal was to connect the Vivaticket booking system with a cutting-edge user experience while maintaining the museum's unique identity.

The Strategy

Our team conducted an in-depth analysis of Perlan's target audience and researched the best practices for museum ticketing systems. We designed a customized booking solution that integrated Vivaticket's platform while ensuring the user interface aligned with Perlan's brand aesthetics. We employed a mobile-responsive design to cater to the growing number of smartphone users and implemented an intuitive navigation system that made the booking process effortless for users of all ages and tech-savviness levels. Additionally, we incorporated clear calls-to-action and visually appealing elements to encourage users to explore other exhibits and events at the museum.

The Results

The new ticketing integration was a resounding success, promptly completed both on time and on budget ready for the opening of the new Ice Cave exhibit. The user-friendly design and seamless integration with Vivaticket's platform not only improved customer satisfaction but also strengthened Perlan's brand identity as a cutting-edge museum that fosters innovation and creativity. 

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