The Brief

Our client, Be Richmond BID, came to us with their existing event ‘Get on Board’ for our marketing support and expertise. This event had last been run in 2021, with a huge amount changing in the last two years. ‘Get on Board’ aims to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the river Thames, and work to remove it, via paddle boarding and walking down the Thames, litter picking as you go. This event has been incredibly successful in the past and we wanted to continue with this epic event’s success.

Richmond Get On Board
Richmond Get On Board

The Strategy

Using Meta ads we targeted people who would be interested in participating in the event. We refined the targeting by addressing the ad to those interested in social issues, charities and causes, politics, volunteering, etc as well as those who have shown an interest in outdoor activities such as stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, surfing, and so on.

In addition to the Meta ads, we ran visually engaging and informative Google display ads which were shown to an audience living in a 20m radius of Richmond.

Our PR team created a series of press releases in the run-up to the event aimed at raising awareness and attracting media to attend on the day. We compiled a series of media distribution lists focussing on local/regional, London events and what’s on media, specialist paddleboarding titles along with environmental correspondents

Our specific targets were broadcast media. In the week prior to the event taking place, we targeted individual media contacts with follow up emails and communications. We liaised with key partners to provide tailored packages for key media targets including BBC London and ITV London.

Post event we also re-targeted media with an update on how successful the event had been and provided them with images taken on the day.

Richmond Get On Board
Richmond Get On Board
Richmond Get On Board Branding

The Results

‘Get on Board’ was an incredibly successful event. We achieved a total of 110 participants, and some fantastic online results, as well as a wonderful day. The PR AVE for the event was £144,000, including a front-page cover, and multiple BBC / ITV showings. We worked with the TV crews on the day to ensure they were able to capture as positive an impression as possible of the day’s activities. Google ads received over half a million impressions, and 3,332 clicks, with Meta ads also receiving a quarter of a million impressions, and 5002 clicks! Instagram engagement saw an engagement increase of 55.4%, with Facebook also showing increases across the board, including 74.9% increase in impressions!

We received some incredible feedback on the day, including support from Deputy Mayor of Richmond, Councillor Fiona Sacks and a personal letter from David Attenborough!

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