The Destination team are delighted that one of our most innovative and dynamic clients, Clifton Down Shopping Centre have scooped a coveted REVO ‘Purple Apple’ Marketing Award in this year’s ‘Cause Related Marketing’ category.

This award acknowledges the innovative marketing campaigns generated through a pro-active working partnership between the shopping centre itself and a strategically linked ‘not-for-profit’ organisation - in this case Christchurch C of E Primary School in Clifton, Bristol.

The prestigious REVO Purple Apple Marketing Awards are the only awards that recognise and reward effective shopping and town centre marketing within the UK retail property sector.

The REVO awards promote high standards and reassure retailers and other interested parties that shopping centre marketing is both effective and provides excellent value for money. The awards also reflect how marketers have to constantly adapt to constantly changing market conditions - ensuring their budgets go further and work harder - whilst simultaneously driving retailer sales and harnessing new initiatives and technologies such as integrated digital marketing.

The winning campaign was created around a ‘refreshingly local’ campaign that explored Clifton Down Shopping Centre’s environmental footprint in the local community. The centre developed an environmental partnership project with their local primary school, entitled “Refresh Your Footprint - Making Art not Rubbish”.

Through engagement and interaction with the wider community, this project sought to raise awareness on how Clifton Down Shopping Centre is constantly striving to reduce their environmental footprint in the local area, whilst seeking to educate future generations on the ways in which environmental decisions at every level can affect the world we live in.

Various year groups from Christ Church C of E Primary School were inspired by specific environmental themes to work creatively to decorate six large footprints made from recycled wood.
The themes were based on the Centre’s key environmental KPI’s and linked to curriculum topics and included atmospheric emissions, water consumption, waste, energy use, travel plan, health and wellbeing.

The completed art works are now on display at Clifton Down Shopping Centre, encouraging children, parents, teachers, retailers and customers to not only celebrate the children’s work but also to continue to reinforce the environmental messages behind the project.

When launching the project, Charlotte Jarrett, the Centre Manager said:

‘We are all now seeing and hearing how our choices impact the environment both now and in the future. Through our ‘Refresh Your Footprint’ project and ‘Refreshingly Local’ campaign we hope to demonstrate our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint whilst creating positive, productive relationships with internal and external stakeholders - educating local children in recycling and reuse, and raising awareness of the issue across our community’.

Clare Jones, Head Teacher at Christchurch C of E Primary School commented:

‘The children are working really hard to spread the Eco-message in our school community – we have just achieved the Green Flag award. This creative project has matched our passion for the Arts and we are delighted to exhibit at Clifton Down Shopping Centre’.

Matt Baker, Deputy CEO at Destination, stated:

‘It is no exaggeration to highlight just how much our team enjoyed working with Clifton Down Shopping Centre and Christchurch School on this project – it was an inspiring initiative that refreshingly married creativity to an excellent and very relevant cause.’

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