Online ticketing with ice-cold efficiency

Destination  -  Perlan Museum, Reyjavik

The summer of 2017 saw the opening of the world's first indoor ice cave at Perlan, one of Iceland's most iconic buildings, offering visitors the unique opportunity to experience walking through a real glacial ice cave.

Visitors exploring the ice cave will learn about the glacier's inherent dangers, discover its inner secrets and importantly be made aware of the dramatic impact to both the Icelandic and worldwide climate and ecosystems as glaciers shrink and disappear across the globe.

Perlan have great plans for developing their visitor experience with a cutting-edge planetarium due to open in 2018, which will offer a 360-degree domed immersive experience supported by the very latest experiential audio and image technology.


Aware of Destination's success in working with other tourist attractions, Perlan approached us to help deliver their goal for an online ticketing system that could readily integrate with their existing physical ticketing process specifically for the new Glaciers and Ice Cave exhibit.

The Ice Cave itself was still under construction but with the private launch event just weeks away, Perlan urgently needed a solution that could harmonise their existing marketing website with both the BOS ticketing solution and the local payment provider – plus offer dual language (Icelandic/English) communications and payment processing in Icelandic Krona.


Working closely with the ticketing provider Best Union, we designed and developed an online ticketing solution that fully integrated all the third party systems to create a simple and friendly ticketing journey for the visitor. We used rapid prototyping techniques to quickly provide the client with an instantaneous overview of the project as we jointly moved from concepts through to a fully working preview site.

We were then able to work with Perlan team to deliver a dynamic private launch event that offered discounted tickets to a select few lucky explorers who not only helped test the online ticketing process but were also among the first to venture into the Ice Cave exhibit itself!


Perlan now enjoy a seamless ticketing solution, with 'live' availability and pricing pull through, allowing both individuals & groups to effortlessly purchase tickets to experience the wonders of this ground-breaking ice cave experience!

Perlan now have a single admin system with the ability to easily modify key ticket details and descriptions directly through the same system that powers their onsite ticketing.


Ice Cold Efficiency.