Ok so we all know Instagram is having a moment.


There is a tsunami of people saying that Insta has had its day? Well this is nothing new, people have been saying that since around 2012 when they first introduced video into the feed and then again in 2016 when they removed the chronological feed, introduced stories and lives. Then again in 2017 when the carousel feature was added followed by Reels in 2020.


But at the moment it feels like every day something is changing.


Now there are numerous opinions on this subject and many people who are adamant that the platform is dead, for me well I’m on the fence. I agree that for some the channel may be dying, but with all the changes being made for some people it will undoubtably be a positive.


One thing is for sure the photo dominance is over and the new era of social media has almost eclipsed Instagram. Once the dominant force they are now a shadow of their former self. They in fact have taken to following not being a follower, a proverbial sheep if you will!


Let’s not get this bent out of shape here I don’t think Instagram is dead just the same as I don’t think blogging, direct mail, email marketing are either. The tactics and skills simply form the kaleidoscope of opportunities to hit different target markets. 


There are so many parameters to this - Who you are? What your selling? What are your offering? What industry are you in? Who is your target audience? All of those things play into factor if Instagram is right or not for you. 


So is it the right platform for you and your business? The answer is yes, it’s a great all in one platform that should be part of any social media strategy. The channel will for sure help you target Millennials and up, but if you’re looking to reach Gen Z TikTok or YouTube shorts could be the better bet.


Individuals and brands however are still seeing great success with growth, increased engagement a interaction, these are the people who are adapting the best and the quickest. One of the key things that people struggle with is the change as Instagram has been adapting and pivoting so much over the last few years. We have to accept that the old Instagram is gone, the platform has evolved. Guess what evolution of channels is not new look at Amazon for example they don’t just sell books now do they!?


After all “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but building the new” Socrates


Matt Baker (CEO)