It is inevitable that due to COVID-19 the importance of offering value for money with your marketing strategy will be critical. We’re acutely aware that since the lockdown began budgets are being challenged even more. We welcome that challenge with open (Socially Distanced) arms, as we see this as an opportunity for forward-thinking businesses, that dare to pivot and adapt to the ‘New Normal’ that we all face.

We all know that prior to COVID-19 the retail industry was already under significant pressure, this will not simply go away with the ‘New Normal’ but, will in many cases be accelerated. The cruel reality is that a significant percentage of businesses will not reopen their doors when the government support package is withdrawn later this year.

Looking at trends across the world, specifically in China, there are some interesting learnings. For instance, from research carried out, Shopping and Dining Out are two of the top ten activities that people most desire post-Lockdown, we anticipate this to be replicated across the globe. 

We have to be conscious that things will never return to what we know and we must embrace the ‘New Normal’. 

We have listed a few topics that are ongoing discussions with our clients for you to ponder while in lockdown:

  1. The rise of online consumption will have gathered traction, how do we adapt?
  2. A focus on personal mental and physical health has become a focus for many, what can we do?
  3. How will Point of Sale evolve with the introduction of more contactless consumption and automation?
  4. How do we develop a more convenient and customised experience?
  5. Personalisation will be key, can you offer this?
  6. Focus on ‘Feeling Good’ and ‘Life Skills’ based marketing could be a new fad?
  7. You will need to differentiate your offering more than ever before as consumers become omnichannel aware.
  8. You must be flexible in your approach, one-dimensional strategies will fail.
  9. Collaboration, partnerships and strength in numbers will be key.
  10. Social Distancing, hypersensitive hygiene awareness is here to stay (at least for a while).
  11. Homeworking will become part of the ‘New Normal’, how will this affect our convenience-based destinations?
  12. Will we see an acceleration of the transition of retail space into residential.
  13. Take time to evaluate what consumers really desire from a destination? 
  14. The experience will be key, what can they not get online or virtually?
  15. Digital Advertising will be more important than ever with consumers now being more tech-savvy.
  16. Development of Live Stream and video channels.
  17. Introduction of gamification? 
  18. Challenge the balance of Physical Vs Digital enlivenment, are in-centre events old hat?
  19. Why omnichannel is so important?
  20. Why neglecting the in-store experience could be damaging your business.

We have been working with our clients to evaluate plans. We have pivoted to ensure the content and messaging shared remain relevant, informative, educational and empathetic. How you act as a business now will have a lasting effect on how your customers feel about your brand. We must act with purpose and clarity to support loyal consumers. How will consumer behaviour have shifted? How should we now engage with consumers?

The current crisis is hitting High Street retailers harder than ever before, it has accelerated the inevitable for many retailers and will change the way our high streets operate forever. For those that survive this onslaught, getting shoppers back in-store and spending once isolation ends in imperative. To do this you will need a joined-up marketing strategy that rewards them wherever they spend.

Forced changes to our daily routines have meant immediate adjustments to our consumption habits. However, the Lockdown will end at some point and inevitably lead to a significant rise in the desire to exit our homes to eat, drink, exercise, learn, shop, travel, laugh, share, interact and work.


ACTION - Is it time to re-evaluate? We’re sure a full evaluation on where you are with your marketing is ongoing and what budgets are now available due to pressures on service charges. We would value the opportunity to evaluate your current Marketing Strategy at no cost via a FREE Marketing Audit. If you would like to take advantage of this, please get in touch and we will arrange a personal Video Call with you at your earliest convenience.

“When times are good you should market your Destination, when times are bad you should market more!” Engaging with your customers is more important than ever during this difficult period and we can help you do that in an effective manner ensuring you stay in touch for when the doors are open once again. 

For now, we urge you to contemplate the above, plan for post Lockdown, bake a cake, go for your one fix of exercise a day and of course, give us a call!