Paultons Park were launching a new dinosaur-themed brand and attraction within the park called The Lost Kingdom. This would have two new, world-class rollercoasters, Jurassic-themed family rides, a pre-historic dinosaur adventure play park and animatronic dinosaurs.

Destination were asked to get involved in developing a responsive mini website, along with creating branding for this new attraction and to supply park & catering signage, marketing materials, advertising et al.

Our Action

Using the ride assets as the base, Destination devised the creative theming for the Lost Kingdom, to bring it alive to visitors of all ages.

This started with over 70 signs for the theme park and was developed to include further signage e.g. for the launch day, catering areas, plus a suite of marketing collaterals, large format advertising, launch day materials etc. A mini responsive website was also developed for the launch, including links to a blog, video footage and an interactive game.

Paultons Lost Kingdom
Paultons Results

The Result

In May alone - the month The Lost Kingdom launched - there were 1.3m website page views and almost a quarter of a million users. In the year of Nov 15 to Oct 16 when the Lost Kingdom opened, website visits increased by over 20.7%, and the attraction gained 11.8% more users, with an increase of 17.5% page views. The Lost Kingdom is now established within the park as a busy stand-alone themed area.

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